May 27th, 2011

Just as I had expected.

We escaped the dreary May weather of Seattle, headed south towards the land of 72° and sunny (The O.C.)…where It happened to be RAINING upon our arrival. Meanwhile, back in Seattle, friends are posting photos of their pasty selves frolicking in the sun. The weather got better down there—never hot, which was fine. Even Churros don’t make up for the smell of crowds at Disneyland on a scalding day.

We’ve only flown with both kids a few times now but this was the first time we decided to take the kids’ car seats on the plane with us. Based on this experience, I’ve determined a couple of things: 1) Car seats are heavy. Why? probably to discourage morons from carrying them through security and onto airplanes; and punish those who do with hand cramps. 2) Taking car seats on a plane is much less about safety than it is about 5-point harnessing your kids to the seat, with no chance of them escaping into the aisle and towards the cockpit, only to have them tackled by an air marshal and placed on the no-fly list for the remainder of their lives.

Charlie and lucy visit Disneyland

The happiest...place...on...earthâ„¢

We’ve been building this trip up and Lucy has been talking about going to “Micky Mouse House” for months now. Unfortunately we scarred her experience by first taking her on the scariest ride of them all: PETER PAN. Luckily we were eventually able to earn back her trust—just as we got to the front of the Pirates of the Caribbean line. I apologize to the city of Anaheim for the shrill sounds you may have heard last Wednesday. For the remainder of the time, she spent her days going back and forth between the Teacups and the Carrousel.

Thunder Mountain

The wildest ride in the wilderness

Charlie, on the other hand, loved every second of it—except maybe the haunted mansion. I even tricked him onto going on Thunder Mountain with me. “Hey Charlie, want to go on the train ride with me?” He claimed to enjoy it, but seemed skeptical for the rest of the trip.

We had a great time, although it’s nice to be back in Seattle…where it’s raining once again.

View more photos from the trip over at our Flickr Page.

Belated Mother’s Day

May 10th, 2011
Mother's Day Sunset

Sunset on the Sound

For Mother’s Day, we tried to keep the day free of solid plans. We did some shopping, bought some flowers and enjoyed some unexpected pleasant weather. For dinner we met the grandparents and Uncle Jimmy at or local favorite boathouse. As we were leaving the restaurant, we were presented with a rather beautiful sunset.

Happy Mother’s Day, Andrea/Mom, Grandma and Oma! We love you.

Sunset from Ray's

Bust A Move, Redbeard.

May 4th, 2011

I asked why the pirates had a radio on their ship. Without hesitation and in a way that made me feel like I really just should have known, Charlie said “So they can dance.”

He's dressed in yellow, he says 'Hello. Come sit next to me you fine fellow'

Keeping up with the Duggars

April 26th, 2011

Many of you probably already know this by now, but here’s the official GOP announcement of Project Gamma.

Rerun Ultrasound

Looks kind of like Pig-Pen


Oh my…on purpose?

When are you due?

Are you going to find out what it is?
No, although we’re reeeealy hoping for a human baby, this time.

Do you have names picked out?
Sort of. We’ve already put a fair amount of thought into naming and it turns out, we have a bit of a dilemma on our hands. We have Charlie and Lucy–family names that inspired the “Gang of Peanuts”. We’ve cross-referenced our family tree with the Peanuts character list, but we’re not a fan of the results. I’m all for abandoning the family name and picking an arbitrary name from the Peanuts list for the sake of brand consistency. Andrea, on the other hand, is not completely on board with that.

I already got a verbal agreement from Andrea that I can name the kid if I update this blog more frequently.

Now I just need to get her to sign this contract. I might need to get her drunk first…wait…..DAMMIT.

Rerun can be a girl’s name too, right?
Rerun van Pelt

Supermarket Madness

April 25th, 2011

Warning: If your business provides child-sized carts, our kids WILL cause a ruckus in your store.

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!

November 2nd, 2010

To the spunkiest little lady we know, Happy Birthday love!

Happy Birthday, Wife/Mom!

October 18th, 2010

Happy birthday to the greatest, prettiest, hardest working mom in the world (imho)!

Beach Pajama Party!

We love you more than you will ever know.

Charlie, Lulu & Jon

Happy Oktoberfest

October 13th, 2010

I know we’re a little late. It’s our thing.

Gang in Lederhosen

Not shown here are the steins…of milk, of course.

Back to School

October 9th, 2010

Fall is definitely upon us here in Seattle and I’ve fully embraced it. As I type this, I am wrapped in an over-sized cardigan, sipping tea and snacking on pumpkin bread. October has always been my favorite month and I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that my birthday, anniversary and Halloween all fall within its confines, fall is just a lovely time of year around here and in my mind it makes up for any lack of summer we may have experienced.

A rather new bonus to fall is that it is back to school time—made even better this year by having both kids in school. Don’t think I’m sitting around reading blogs all day; we are a co-op family. That means a lot of my days are spent at school with one child or the other, or working on my classroom job. But the reprieve from having two children at home for even a few hours a week is delightful.

Charlie is back at Woodland Park 3-5′s in the capable hands of Teacher Tom. He’s thrilled to be part of the Pre-K class this year which includes 8 boys, Tom certainly has his hands full this year! Charlie is definitely enjoying school again this year, but was quite confused when I dropped him off for his first Pre-K afternoon. Apparently, he was under the impression that he got to go to the big kid school and told me that I’d taken him to the wrong place. Please child, don’t rush this growing up thing, any more!

Lucy began a one day a week program at North Seattle Toddlers. In typical Lu fashion, she was skeptical at best. We’ve had an ongoing issue with her and toddler oriented activities. We tried a lovely music class last spring and while all the other kids sat in a circle singing and dancing away, Lucy sat by the door with her shoes in hand saying “out! out!” over and over again. Luckily she’s got two great friends to share her first school experience with and if today was any indication, this will be a great year!

And now, perhaps I’ll have time for a seasonal blog post, but don’t count on it….

Where have you been?

October 7th, 2010

So, it’s been a while. We’ve managed to completely fail at fulfilling our promise of updating this site, regularly. It’s far too easy for lazy folks like us to become completely overwhelmed with the pressure involved in producing content entertaining and engaging enough to hold your attention. There was a time when we could simply post a picture of our amazingly cute kids with a cleverly written caption and call it good. But now..now the kids—although still kind of cute—spend most of their days in their underwear, covered in breakfast (usually either oatmeal or mustard…sometimes both).

We’ve devised a plan though. Here’s our plan: more baths. I know what you’re thinking: “You don’t bathe your kids regularly?” And yes. Yes we do. However, ‘regularly’ merely assumes daily, or bi-daily. That said, how often do you change the oil in your car?…regularly, right? right.

Seriously though, between planning vacations, birthday parties and a job-change (sort of), we have let the GOP site become a low priority—too low of a priority. We plan (as we have before) to pick up where we have left off and be better about posting updates…

Stay tuned.