Keeping up with the Duggars

April 26th, 2011

Many of you probably already know this by now, but here’s the official GOP announcement of Project Gamma.

Rerun Ultrasound

Looks kind of like Pig-Pen


Oh my…on purpose?

When are you due?

Are you going to find out what it is?
No, although we’re reeeealy hoping for a human baby, this time.

Do you have names picked out?
Sort of. We’ve already put a fair amount of thought into naming and it turns out, we have a bit of a dilemma on our hands. We have Charlie and Lucy–family names that inspired the “Gang of Peanuts”. We’ve cross-referenced our family tree with the Peanuts character list, but we’re not a fan of the results. I’m all for abandoning the family name and picking an arbitrary name from the Peanuts list for the sake of brand consistency. Andrea, on the other hand, is not completely on board with that.

I already got a verbal agreement from Andrea that I can name the kid if I update this blog more frequently.

Now I just need to get her to sign this contract. I might need to get her drunk first…wait…..DAMMIT.

Rerun can be a girl’s name too, right?
Rerun van Pelt

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  1. Super Sarah says:

    Congratulations! What exciting news! And I support Andrea – update your blog more regularily! Have you found your way over to my new domain? We are finding the longer we leave the gap between our children, the more of a contraceptive effect its having! Life with two children is so easy now in comparison to having a baby… hmm, we’ll see!

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